A Day at Star Lake

Every day at Star Lake Wilderness Camp is different. We operate on “Star Lake time”. Our goal is to have relaxed fun while moving through the day. We respect weather, camper interests, and great opportunities that may arise. If the lady slipper flowers are open, we might spend a half of an hour photographing each camper with the state flower. Some days washing dishes takes forever and the route of the hike has to be modified. Our days take as long as needed. This is our normal flow of Star Lake time.

The first goal of water front is safety. Supervision is a must and everyone is responsible for ensuring that all campers are safe. That said, it is almost as important to have fun. Every day we spend the afternoons at the waterfront. Campers can:

Swim (both for swimmers and non-swimmers)
Canoe or Kayak
Fish from a pier or boat
Play volleyball
Shoot basketballs
Participate in the craft for the day
Chill in the shade
Tan in the sun(Sunscreen is a must)
Shower in solar shower

Learn to sleep in a tent with a group of new friends. When you need a place to sit down, learn to lash a log to two trees so you are able to be more comfortable. Maybe you can find another log with a perfect curve to build a back for your bench. Being in the woods is about finding low impact ways of making your community more comfortable during your adventure.

Each day our kitchen will provide food for the groups in the woods. Some mornings it may be ready to eat food because a big day is planned. Some mornings your group will learn how to prepare, eat and clean up a woods breakfast cooked over an open fire. Lunch may be sandwiches for your hike or hot dogs that are cooked over a fire. Cooking is a great skill to learn in the woods, and you learn to work together as a group of people who all need to eat.