Summer Camp at Star Lake Camp

Elementary Camp

finished grades 3-5

This may be your first time at a sleepover camp and a first time you have slept in a tent.  Elementary Camp is a place to have these firsts and likely several more.  Have you cooked pancakes on a fire?  Have you jumped off a raft into a lake?  Are you interested in learning to canoe or kayak.  Do night games sound like fun.  These are some of the experiences of elementary campers.  All the time you will be in a small group of friends.  Some may be new people you just met and some may come with you to have a great couple of nights at camp.  Your counselors will be with you the whole time to make sure you are safe and have a great time. From the opening campfire to the feast on the last night of camp you will learn to love Star Lake.

Middle School Camp

Finished Grades 5-8

You come to camp more confident that this will be a great week.  Time to unplug from life for a week and have fun and challenges in the woods.  You will get to not only sleep in a tent, but also learn to put it up in the woods.  You won’t just get to help cook, you might be in charge of a meal.  Along with canoeing every day at the beach you will have a day to canoe on the river.  Middle School Camp means that you are stronger, more confident, and ready to work hard, play hard, and make great friends.  Find someone who needs to join you at camp and bring them for the week of their lives as well.

Senior High Service Camp

Finished grades 9-12

Come and sleep in log cabins or under the stars on the beach.  Be a part of the fabric of Star Lake and learn how it really works.  Service campers get to eat, work and live with the building staff.  The mornings are spent projecting both inside and out.  The afternoons are spent at the waterfront, and the evenings are for having a great time at camp.  This is a camp that bridges from your camping days to the time when you can be on staff at Star Lake.  We know Senior High campers have busy schedules.  We can accommodate different arrival and departure times.

United Methodist Camps

The August Camps at Star Lake are lead by United Methodist Pastors.  These camps do everything the adventure camps do and do it talking about God.  All are welcome to these camps to experience a United Methodist Christian perspective to God’s creation and the importance of small groups.